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AccuDock Floating Dock Solutions

Hello Dave,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a great product and your outstanding customer service. In AccuDock’s pursuit for the perfect anchoring solution to offer our floating dock clients, we found that your Eco Mooring system surpassed any other products we reviewed.

In AccuDock’s effort to continue focusing on environmentally safe and friendly products, we couldn’t be more pleased that your anchor systems are a perfect fit to our initiatives.

AccuDock™ has had the opportunity to offer & utilize the Eco Mooring system to our highest profile projects. We continually receive 100% client satisfaction from our clients, one of which being our S. Korea World Rowing Championship Docks. We anticipate the same accolades from our plans to utilize the anchor system in the installation of the Australian Rowing Docks for June 2013.

Just as our clients couldn’t be happier with the performance of your product, we are just as enthusiastic about finding an anchoring system to achieve unparalleled added stabilization and durability to our dock applications.

Given such positive feedback from our clients, it had prompted me to send you this letter of appreciation. I’m looking forward to AccuDock™ continuing to work with you and Boatmoorings.com on our future projects. Wishing you all the best in spreading the word about your extraordinary product to all those who would certainly benefit from it.

John Harrison, Owner/President
AccuDock™ Floating Dock & Gangway Solutions

"Relaxin" BVI

Dear Dave,

We have a 39 foot Pearson center cockpit sailboat that stays on a mooring year-round in the British Virgin Islands.  Three years ago we purchased the Eco-Mooring System and have been entirely satisfied.  This product greatly reduces the swinging of the boat making it a lot easier on the boat and the mooring gear and has never failed.  Wind is an ever present factor in this area and the center cockpit configuration creates greater swing to the boat.  After 2 ½ years under these conditions the Eco-Mooring System has faired much better than methods we’ve used in the past.  We just ordered another before the next hurricane season.  It is well worth the cost to have this security along with the extended life of the rest of the mooring tackle.

Bob Ream and the other 4 owners of ‘Relaxin’

Beverly, MA

Dear Dave,

The twenty-four Eco Mooring systems you installed around Misery Island are performing well. Not only are they eliminating the chain scour of the seabed, but also the visiting boater's are quite happy with the way their vessels ride at anchor.  The strength and performance of these elastic ropes appears to be a good solution to the constant battering from the New England climate.

We're hoping to install more of these mooring in the coming years.

Daniel G. McPherson, Harbormaster, Beverly, Ma.

Waters Marine Pty Ltd

Dear Dave,

Just to keep you up to date where we are at after our visit to the US.

Our test mooring we installed in Paradise Point, Gold Coast has performed as
well as we expected. I have visited it every few weeks since it was installed in
March this year, and it has had no issues at all. It rides very well over any waves,
and has not had any issues with too much growth collecting on the rode. I expect
with the warmer weather here, some cleaning might be advised when inspecting
the mooring.

After your visit earlier this year we have had keen interest from the following
government departments;

SEQ Catchments
Fisheries Queensland
Qld Marine Parks

SEQ Catchments are wanting to install three moorings off the Queensland
Sunshine Coast for our Surf Lifesavers. They have identified the area for
installation, and I believe the only hurdle is the approval from Queensland
Transport, because the moorings are in a Marine Park Habitat. The eco-mooring
is perfect for this area. The initial discussions for this department involves
installation of approximately 850 moorings in South East Queensland over 5

I have been very impressed with the mooring over the past few months we have
been working with you, and I think with the competitive pricing, the Eco-mooring
will beat any other similar product here in Australia. Your mooring is far easier to
work with from an installers view, and I am confident we will see some starting to
be installed here very soon.

Jody Waters, Director Waters Marine Pty Ltd

Live/Dive Pacific, Inc.Eco-mooring rode as shock cord stabalizer

Dear David,

I just wanted to express to you how happy and excited we are here in Kona with the integral shock cord mooring lines that you guys made for us.  As we both knew going in, neither of us could really predict what the results would be with your shock lines on a 150 ton vessel used in this application....well, we have answered the question with a big time affirmative!!

Since the addition of just the single mooring line acting as a stern spring, we have all but eliminated the "freight training" we have experienced over the past 20 years.  When the weather is dead flat at the dock in Kailua-Kona, we have little problem with this impact, but with only the slightest side swell at the dock we are throwing people everywhere!  Such is the nature of a catamaran with 3 decks.  Your mooring line has been a God send and we can't wait to get the other two that are currently in transit so we can add at least one other shock cord to the bow and possibly to the mid ship spring cleat!!

Thanks again for convincing us to try your product.  We feel that with the proper chafe gear that the line will last us a long time!!

Best to you always,agressor

Capt. Dan Ruth
Owner/Operator-MV Kona/Palau Aggressors and MV Tropic Dancer-Palau
Live/Dive Pacific, Inc.

New London Ct. Purchasing Agent - June 13th, 2012

Dear Dave,

New London CTI am writing to thank you and your staff for excellent work you did installing the new forty-one (41) boats mooring field at the Waterfront Park in New London, CT. From the installation of the helix anchors using the latest in global positioning survey technology, the Eco-mooring rodes and the Softlite mooring buoys, the work was done professionally and completed in a timely manner. New London now has a mooring field that is not only boater friendly, but environmentally friendly as well.

Your extensive knowledge of environmentally friendly mooring systems and their installation, and your willingness to share that knowledge with me is greatly appreciated. As you are aware, I knew absolutely nothing about the technical aspects that went into the installation of a mooring system. With your help I was able to gain a rudimentary understanding of mooring systems installation and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I wish you continued success in all your endeavors.

William R. Hathaway
Purchasing Agent

Gloucester, MA Assistant Harbormaster

Dear Dave,

I have a pier and float system on one of the tidal estuaries in Gloucester. I keep my 30 ft. houseboat at the outer end of the floats and I purchased two 6' helix moorings from you in 2008 to tether the boat and take stress off the float and pier system. I turned both helixes in by hand during the low tide and although it was a fair amount of work, I was able to do it with a 6' crowbar. Your helix moorings have been holding my boat in place for the last 3 summers with no issues and I have been very satisfied with my purchase.

My pier extends 100ft across the salt marsh and in the winter time I pull my floats alongside the pier and also anchor my houseboat up on the marsh as well. Since the houseboat only floats during the flood tides, I have typically fastened it with multiple Danforth anchors off the 4 corners of the boat. As an added safety measure, I run one line out to the closest helix mooring (about 75 feet from where the boat sits during the winter months).

During the December 2010 storm on Cape Ann (which was the worst I have seen since the blizzard of 1978) we had extreme tides and 70+ mph sustained winds through the overnight high tide. My 12+ ton houseboat tore a 1/2" nylon line and ripped out two Danforth anchors during the storm. The single line tethered to your helix mooring is the only thing that stopped my boat from tearing completely loose, which would have not only damaged my houseboat, but would have destroyed my 35 year old pier. I can't thank you enough for making the technology available that saved my boat and pier! I will be ordering more helix moorings from you to hold my houseboat during the winter months since this is the only technology available that will give me the peace of mind I need during winter storms and will not raise the ire of the Conservation Commission due to the environmentally friendly nature of the product.

Jim Marshall
Cape Ann Resident and
Gloucester, MA Assistant Harbormaster

Mooring Officer/Asst. Harbormaster - Town of Chatham, MA

Hello Dave,

Thanks for coming by the Harbormaster Shop on Friday. The info and discussion about your Big-e Storm Pendant was much appreciated and goes a long way toward explaining the “stretch” characteristics and robust construction of this hawser.

The Big-e Storm Pendant you left for us to test last summer was placed on one of our largest moorings in Stage Harbor, to be used by transient fishing vessels as well as visiting sailboats and cruisers. It has had fairly constant use by many different types of vessels, including a large offshore scallop dragger during the months of December, January, and February. The strength and durability of this product was well proven during the last six months. Particularly noted was the attention paid to seizing and the addition of chafing gear and heavy duty thimble. I feel that this hawser would last for several seasons of heavy use.

We are currently evaluating our needs in regards to upgrading or replacing many of the rodes on our 35 plus Town of Chatham owned moorings and hope to place an order soon.

Thank You, Wayne D. Julin

Chatham MA Eco-Mooring Testimonial

Aggressor Fleet and Peter Hughes Install New Moorings in Belize

"Aggressor Fleet and Peter Hughes Diving made another giant stride this summer in the live-aboard companies' ongoing effort to preserve and protect the natural diving environment of the Caribbean. Working together in Belize aboard the Belize Aggressor in September, Aggressor's Captain Wayne Hasson and Peter Hughes installed six new Helix moorings, known as the best anchoring system in the dive industry, and created five new dive sites representing some of the area's best diving."

Click here to read the full press release (pdf format)

aggressor fleet using helix anchors

Wells Harbor, Maine

"Boatmoorings.com installed 62 new moorings with a bow & stern layout, to gain Wells the additional space they needed. The Helix anchors were precisely placed with the use of Global Positioning Survey equipment. This type of accuracy has revolutionized the ability to optimize your mooring area."

Click here to read the full press release (pdf format)

wells harbor using helix anchors


"Boatmoorings.com conducted a detailed survey of both our inner and outer mooring fields. They provided us with detailed maps and a data base from which we can now work to improve the efficiency of our mooring operations. I've found the owner of Boatmoorings.com, Dave Merrill to be more knowledgeable about moorings and mooring fields than anyone I've ever encountered. We shall continue to work with Dave and his company and look forward to their continuing council."

Paul Risher
Marine Committee Chairman, IHYC


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