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Helix Anchoring

We have more than 20 years of Helix installations, world-wide.

Helix anchors or Helical pilings are securing a growing number of Marinas and residential float systems around the world. The holding power of the helical anchor is far superior to concrete blocks and other dead weight systems. In shallow water situations, the minimal protrusion of the helix shaft eliminates the possibility of damaging props or other water toys.

Helical pilings are less intrusive to install and offer superior protection from the upward forces due to ice and wave action. We can furnish and install helical piles for either heavy traffic marina projects or small residential systems.

The Helix Anchoring Deep Water Video

The majority of helix anchor installations in a typical environment are in waters less than 60 feet deep. However, on rare occasions, it is necessary to install a helix anchoring system in deep water - greater than 60 feet.

If you are interested in watching the installation of a Helix Anchor in deep water here is the video for you. This video was produced by Leonard Kolczynski and shows the installation of new deep water moorings in Truk Lagoon by Odyssey Adventures. The helix anchors and the specialized torque motor (Hydraulic Anchor Driver) and hydraulic power unit were supplied by Boatmoorings.com.

This example shows the installation of helix anchors in a deep water (Greater than 200 feet) location and therefore required the use of specialized installation equipment with the assistance of experienced deep-water divers. The equipment used in this installation was designed to require minimal bottom time for maximum diver safety.

The specialized torque motor (Hydraulic Anchor Driver) used for the installation of helix anchoring systems was designed and built by Dave Merrill of boatmoorings.com. Dave also provides custom built hydraulic power units that are easily loaded and unloaded from a floating platform or barge.

Enjoy the Video


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