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The Big-e Storm PendantThe Big-e Storm Pendant System

The Big-e Storm Pendant System is the ultimate solution when it comes to protecting your boat in rough seas. If you must leave your boat moored during a major storm or hurricane the Big-e Storm Pendant System will provide far greater protection from breaking loose than conventional mooring pendants.

The Big-e Storm Pendant is designed for these conditions

In this type of weather you'll appreciate owning the Big-e Storm Pendant.
Note: These boats aren't using the Big-e Storm Pendant,
will they outlast this storm? Who knows - is it worth the gamble?
Photo courtessy of © www.marinehowto.com - Read the full article here.

Our Big-e Elastic Storm Pendant offers more Strength and stretch than traditional nylon and polyester pendants lines. With 33,000 lbs of breaking strength and inner rubber cords for shock absorption, these elastic systems can cut down on the peak loads created during heavy weather events. Cushioning these extreme shock loads helps keep deck hardware and lines going through the chocks from breaking down prematurely. This enables these vital components to retain their strength and structure for when you really need them.

Volumes, have been written about the necessity of stretch in the lines attaching your vessel to its mooring. When the extreme forces of heavy weather are causing the boat to fetch up hard, and the chain catenary turns into a solid bar of steel, elasticity can play a vital part in keeping your boat safe.

Read what the Harbormaster for the town of Chatham, MA has to say about the Big-e Storm Pendant - click here.

An Old Maine Proverb:Nothing too strong ever broke
The Bog-e Storm Pendant installed

The Big-elastic Storm Pendant System Installed and Ready for Action

The Big-elastic Storm Pendant System Under Normal Conditions

The standard length pendant line with its 15 percent stretch, falls far short of providing you with the elasticity needed to stay connected to your mooring. It takes 25 ft. of ¾” nylon line to give you 4 feet of stretch. Our basic 12 ft. long Storm Pendant gives you 7 feet of elongation when you need it most.

Video from the recent Hurricane Irene
as she pounded the East Coast of the United States
Are you happy with your current storm pendant?

Lessons Learned - Hurricane Irene

from Seaworthy Magazine

Hurricane Irene - Lessons LearnedThis past August, marina and boat owners along the Florida, Georgia and South Carolina coasts began watching Hurricane Irene with a sense of foreboding. It was a powerful storm that had the potential to do a lot of damage, but as it got closer to the coast, Irene started making a gradual turn northward. A lot of people were relieved but nobody was surprised. The tendency for storms to turn away from the coast and head out to sea had become almost routine, starting last year with Hurricanes Danielle, Earl, Fiona, Igor, Otto, Shary and Tomas and then earlier this year with Hurricane Emily. But unlike the other recent hurricanes, Irene didn’t continue its clockwise turn out to sea. Instead, the powerful storm’s course steadied and on the morning of August 27, Irene came ashore at Cape Lookout on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

You can read the full article at: Seaworthy Magazine

Another Example of What Can Happen in a Storm

This boat was eventually saved but at what risk? Getting aboard a boat under these conditions is hazardous at best and downright life-threatening at worst. Is it worth it?

How would your boat's current mooring system hold up in a major storm?

Perhaps it's time to purchase The Big-e Storm Pendant from Boatmoorings.com?


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