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Introduction of Helix Anchors
The helix anchor was introduced to the marine community in 1992 by Dave Merrill in Mattapoisett, MA. (see related news articles) Over the last 17 years the marine world has come to embrace this anchor and its environmentally friendly characteristics. Mariners, marina owners, aquaculturists, scientists, and the dive community have begun incorporating helix anchors into many of their marine projects.

Equipment Development
The helix anchor installation methods and equipment have been in a continual state of improvement since we first started in 1992. With each new improvement we're learning ways to save time and money on helix anchor installation.

Multitude of Helix Installations
We have either installed or trained others to install helix anchors for moorings, dock anchors, fish pins, breakwaters, navigation beacons, and protective coral reef anchors. In the harsh climates of Iceland and the stormy seas of the South Pacific our helix anchors are securing a lot of marine real estate.

Sharing the Knowledge
We have either planned or assisted others in their planning process to utilize these helix embedment anchors for the purpose of optimizing their mooring space, increasing the security of their vessels, or protecting their valuable marine habitat.

Mooring Products & Equipment
Our time-tested mooring tackle components are the best on the market. Supplying those in need of reliable quality continues to be our goal. Manufacturing and distributing a complete line of mooring components has helped save our customers time and trouble.

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helix anchor products


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