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Helix Anchoring

We have more than 20 years of Helix installations, world-wide.

helical pilings

Helical Pilings

Helical Pilings

Helix anchors are also called "Helical Pier Pilings or Helical Pilings". Used in direct tension pull or in compression, helix anchors can secure many of your waterfront structures.

Helical Pilings are less intrusive to install and offer superior protection from the upward forces due to ice and wave action. We can furnish and install helical piles for either heavy traffic marina projects or small residential systems.

Helix anchors are installed with specialized equipment.
Helix anchors can be installed to stabilize existing structures or incorporated in the design of new docks, piers, or walkways screw piling illustrations
screw piling illustration Dock supports for seasonal structures can be installed with a section that can remain in all year and have a top that is easily removed before winter ice.
Helical piers are the most environmentally-friendly menas of suspending walkways above sensitive habitat. screw piling illustration

For additional information about Helix Anchors and Helix Anchoring Systems go to: www.helixanchors.com


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