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Helix Anchors

helix anchor
Helix Anchors (complete sets)
  • Both the 1-3/4 in. & 1-1/2 in. square shaft anchors sold as complete units (lead sections & mooring terminations w/shackles)
  • Lead sections come with a variety of different helix combinations
  • Number and size of helices depend on the substrate
lead sections
Lead Sections (only)
  • Lead sections come with a few different combinations of helices and lengths
  • Hard substrates typically use smaller and fewer helices, while softer soils require more, and sometimes larger, helices
  • Hard rubble coral areas typically use a lead section with a 8"-10"diameter helix and cutting teeth
  • Softer sandy sections of the reef or mooring area call for a lead section with 8, 10, or 12 in. diameter or larger helices
round shaft helix anchors with oval eye termination
Round Shaft Anchors with Oval Eye Termination
  • Can be turned into softer substrates by two people with a bar through the eye
  • Offer holding power sufficient for lighter requirements
  • Come with only a single helix, but with different length shafts and a number of different diameter helices
  • Shipped UPS
mooring head
Mooring Head
  • 1-1/8 in. shackle will pivot around the shaft as the vessel moves, eliminating the need for a swivel in the ground tackle
  • Shackle pivots around the entire shaft of the anchor, offering much longer life
  • Available in different lengths, 18 in., 3 ft., 5 ft.
  • Used to add length to the anchor, so the helices can penetrate further into the substrate to achieve greater holding
  • Drop-forged box connections, with 1 1/4" fastening bolt
  • High grade galvanized steel
  • Variety of lengths 3 ft., 5 ft., 7 ft., 10 ft.
mooring line shackle
Mooring Line Shackle
  • Large, bolt-type anchor shackle
  • Quenched & tempered
  • 25 ton capacity
  • Hot-dipped galvanized

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