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Swim Float Features:Swim Float

  • Tough, Ultra-violet inhibited, Polyethylene shell
  • Locks on 1/2” rope without fastener
  • Two sizes available: 3”x 5” or 5”x9”
  • Orange/White/Orange color shell

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Swim Line Features:Swim Line

OLETEC-12™ is a hollow braided 12 strand rope using 100%
polyolefin high tenacity co-polymer fiber. It is designed for commercial
and marine applications where an easily handled, high strength, floating rope
is required. It has excellent abrasion resistance, will not mildew or rot, and is easily spliced.

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The SLB700RB Regulatory Style Buoy meets USA Federal, State and Local requirements for regulatory buoys, and is ideal for regulatory signage and for marking hazards, mooring fields and channels in in-land lakes and rivers, as well as coastal harbors.

This model is extremely long-lasting, and is molded in strong, durable, UV-stabilized polyethylene. A large mooring chain attachment point accommodates a 5/8” (16mm) shackle or 1/@” (12mm) silver rope.

The SLB700RB Regulatory Style Buoy incorporates an interconnected mooring and lifting eye for additional strength and flexibility in installation. The top section has 3 threaded studs, molded into the buoy to enable easy mounting of either the SL15, SL60 or SL70 1-3nm+ solar lights.

Vinyl buoy wraps constructed of heavy, 10 oz. vinyl, have standard regulatory symbols and wording and are highly customizable. Attachment is straightforward, with self-sealing rivets (standard) or Velcro® for temporary or emergency applications.

We also provide the option of customized graphics which are permanently molded into the product at the time of manufacture and will hold up under the most extreme environments and never peel off or fade over time.

The SLB700 is used extensively throughout North America by Federal, State, and Local authorities as well as Private Organizations.

Available colors:Colors

  • Regulatory Buoy– Orange/ White
  • Hazard Buoy– Orange
  • Channel Markers– Red or Green
  • Special Purpose– Yellow

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