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SuperFlex® Dock/ Pontoon Mooring System:

Elastic Dock Mooring Systems 1

Since 2003 SuperFlex® has had successfully been tested by more than a hundred hurricanes/ typhoons in USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Mideast and South America.

SUPERFLEX® Synthetic rubber bar D26mm SB0425 rubber bar is made by Synthetic Complex Rubbers CR, EPDM, IIR, NR, SBR and mixed with Kevlar & UHMPE fibers & anti-flex cracking agent, antioxidant & other Nano chemical materials in the rubber rope.

Each rubber rope set includes 2 #316 Stainless steel connecting rods or plates (depending on configuration). They are linked together by #316 stainless steel or Titanium Aluminum alloy AL7075 bolts. The larger configurations have one 5 tons(49KN) length limiting Polyester safety rope.

SB Synthetic rubber bar must be installed & work in the water temperature between -40 C° to + 40 C°.

SB0425 rubber bar is 4 strands with 2.5 meters/ per unit set
SB0425 rubber bar /set overall length >= 2500 mm
SB0425 rubber bar /set Connectors Head Diameter >= 125 mm
SB0425 rubber bar /set total weight (including rubber & metal & safety rope) >= 8 kg
SB0425 rubber bar / each unit set Minimum Elongation ability >= 70 %
SB0425 rubber bar under 70% elongation minimum with 75,000 cycle (=> 100 years tidal cycle)

****Other configurations can be engineered to meet your specifications****

Superflex® is Maintenance Free:

The auto revival characteristic of SUPERFLEX® brings the mooring bars & anchor line to the original position of the pre-stress load strength and length. This means there is no any manual adjustment required during or after the designed windstorm or tidal change.

Superflex® Nano Full Synthetic Rubber Bar is Environmental Friendly:

SUPERFLEX® carbon fiber full multiple synthetic rubber bar strands meet FDA 5000 standard & it does not release any pollutants into the marine ecosystem. It is also suitable for locations with fresh water.


Elastic Dock Mooring Systems 2

SuperFlex Dock/ Pontoon Mooring SystemSuperFlex Dock/ Pontoon Mooring System

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Eco Mooring Rode

Eco MooringsThe revolutionary Eco-Mooring Rode adds exceptional strength & elasticity throughout the mooring system while protecting the fragile marine environment from harmful bottom chain scouring of sensitive marine habitats.

They are great for use on small docks or swimming pontoons.

We manufacture these rodes in our facility in Milford, NH using only the best material and professionally trained staff. We can make them in the following rope diameters: 5/8", 3/4", 1" and 1 5/16" regularly but can custom make any size or length.

Eco Mooring Rode Collage


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