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Eco-Mooring Rode

The revolutionary Eco-Mooring Rode adds exceptional strength & elasticity throughout the mooring system while protecting the fragile marine environment from harmful bottom chain scouring of sensitive marine habitats.

As the traditional method of mooring boats continues to fail, rust, and destroy fragile marine habitat, people have begun to look for better methods of addressing these issues. Our environmentally friendly, high strength, elastic mooring tackle provides solutions to age old problems.

We manufacture these rodes in our facility in Milford, NH using only the best material and professionally trained staff. We can make them in the following rope diameters: 5/8", 3/4", 1" and 1 5/16" regularly but can custom make any size or length. We have the ability to build elastic ropes to withstand, up to 110,000 lbs of breaking strength!


Eco Moorings

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