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Helix Anchors

helix anchor Helix Anchors (complete sets)
  • Both the 1-3/4 in. & 1-1/2 in. square shaft anchors sold as complete units (lead sections & mooring terminations w/shackles)
  • Lead sections come with a variety of different helix combinations
  • Number and size of helices depend on the substrate
lead sections Lead Sections (only)
  • Lead sections come with a few different combinations of helices and lengths
  • Hard substrates typically use smaller and fewer helices, while softer soils require more, and sometimes larger, helices
  • Hard rubble coral areas typically use a lead section with a 8"-10"diameter helix and cutting teeth
  • Softer sandy sections of the reef or mooring area call for a lead section with 8, 10, or 12 in. diameter or larger helices

round shaft helix anchors with oval eye termination

Round Shaft Anchors with Oval Eye Termination
  • Can be turned into softer substrates by two people with a bar through the eye
  • Offer holding power sufficient for lighter requirements
  • Come with only a single helix, but with different length shafts and a number of different diameter helices
  • Shipped UPS
  • Download Brochure

mooring head Mooring Head
  • 1-1/8 in. shackle will pivot around the shaft as the vessel moves, eliminating the need for a swivel in the ground tackle
  • Shackle pivots around the entire shaft of the anchor, offering much longer life
  • Available in different lengths, 18 in., 3 ft., 5 ft.
extensions Extensions
  • Used to add length to the anchor, so the helices can penetrate further into the substrate to achieve greater holding
  • Drop-forged box connections, with 1 1/4" fastening bolt
  • High grade galvanized steel
  • Variety of lengths 3 ft., 5 ft., 7 ft., 10 ft.
Timber Bracket Timber Bracket:

These brackets are used to connect timber beams to helical piles. The split bracket design is more universal because variability in timber beam thickness does not pose a construction problem. Both of these brackets fit over an SS5.

  1. C110-0682 bracket has an ultimate rating of 10,000 lb in compression.
  2. C110-0736 is designed to attach to battered piles for lateral support.

Standard finish is Hot Dipped Galvanized per ASTM A153. For different size shafts, mounting holes, or special finishes please contact us.

Timber Bracket

Download Brochure

New Construction Pile Cap

New Construction Pile Cap

New Construction Pile Cap:

New Construction Pile Caps are installed as a termination device to the top of a Helical Pile Installation. Once the pile installation has been completed, the load is transferred to the structure. It is recommended that a registered Professional Engineer conduct the design.

Download Brochure

Threaded Stud Adapter Threaded Stud Adapter:

2 ft long with 18” of thread. Used for retaining wall tie backs. Also can be used as pipe line tie down as illustrated.

Threaded Stud Adapter

Download Brochure

Thread Bar Adapter Thread-bar Adapter:

Used for tie back applications. Place thread bar or Duie Dag (cut to overall length you need) in the adapter rather than using multiple extensions. Then terminate with your wall plate.

Download Brochure

Tie Back Wall Plate Tie Back Wall Plate:

Used on the inside of the wall to tie into the helix tieback system and hold wall in place.

Square Shaft to Round Adapter Square Shaft to Round Adapter:

Changes the square shaft of the Helix anchor to round. Can be used for stationary docks, can be left in place when dock is removed in winter using a cap to protect the adapter.

Shackle Through Mooring Termination Adapter Shackle Through Mooring Termination Adapter:

Used as a mooring termination. You must have a swivel in place on the shackle to avoid binding of the mooring rode or chain.


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