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Hammer Drill (submersible):

Hammer DrillThe HD45 underwater hammer drill is a heavy duty underwater model designed concrete, rock and masonry drilling up to 2". Fluted drill bits require no water or air to clear holes. Ideal for drilling holes for setting anchor bolts. We also carry the drill bits you will need for reef pin installations.

  • T-Handle with large on/off trigger for precise control
  • Feathering on/off valve allows for increased control
  • Drills 3/4" to 2" diameter holes up to 29" deep and core drills up to 4" diameter


  • T-Handle with large on/off trigger for precise control
  • Stainless Steel spools and fasteners
  • Forward-Reverse with adjustable bit rotation speed
  • Feathering on/off valve allows easy start and control
  • Uses 736 Skil fluted carbide tipped drill bits - requires no water/air to clear holes
  • Drills ." to 2" diameter holes up to 29" deep and core drills up to 4" in diameter
  • Operates in any position
  • Trouble free drill steel latch retainer


  • Chuck Capacity Up to 2" diameter or 4" core bit
  • Steel Capacity 736 Skil hex
  • Circuit Type Open Center
  • Flow Range 7-9 gpm / 26-34 lpm
  • Optimum Flow 8 gpm / 30 lpm
  • Working Pressure 1500-2000 psi / 105-140 bar
  • Full Relief Setting 2250 psi / 155 bar
  • Rotation Speed 0 - 300 rpm
  • Weight (less tool bit) 49 lbs / 22.2 kg
  • Length 24." / 62.2 cm
  • Width (at handles) 14" / 35 cm
  • Hydraulic Ports -8 SAE O-ring
  • Couplers Varies with model (See ordering information)
  • Hose Whips Yes (3⁄8" NPT Male thread)

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Carbide Hammer Drill Bit:

  • Drill BitAmerican made
  • Carbide tip for longer life
  • Hex head for Stanley drills
  • Drills 1 1/2 in. dia. hole
  • Overall length 23-1/2in., drills 18 in. hole

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Reef PinsReef Pins:

The hot-dipped galvanized reef pin has a large forged eye to accept larger diameter shackles or mooring line with protective hose. Injection of our epoxy cement is quick and clean and generates holding power far beyond typical cement.

Reef Pin/Rock Anchor

  • 1 1/4" dia. round shaft
  • Oval eye drop-forged with 1" dia.
  • Threads 12" of 7 UNC threads
  • Hot-dipped galvanized, ASTM-A-153
  • 30,000 lbs. tension strength
  • Discounts on quantities
  • Also available in 1" and 3/4" round shaft

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PE1000+ 20 oz. Epoxy Cartridge w/ Nozzle

*Hazardous material shipping restrictions apply. Ground Shipping Only.* 2-compoent, high strength adhesive anchoring system.

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Epoxy DispenserDispensing Tool:

PE1000+ Dispensing Tool for 20 oz. Cartridges.


Epoxy Dispensing NozzleDispensing Nozzel:

X-Nozzle PE1000 + AC100 Gold 29 OZ. Tube

Extra mixing nozzle (with an 8" extension) for PE1000 Epoxy Cartridges.


Lift Bags

Easy to Use

  • Proprietary Plunger Dump Valve allows air control with a push of a button at the top of the bag and a lanyard at the bottom—vent air from above, beside, or below the lifting bag to achieve desired ascent rate.
  • 1/4″ NPT inflation port for remote filling, multiple bag coupling, or to install optional stainless steel quick disconnect.
  • Ready for immediate use—factory-equipped with all necessary hardware

Multiple ApplicationsLift Bags

  • Light salvage
  • Object recovery
  • Underwater construction
  • Scientific research

Excellent Portability

  • Fraction of the cost of a barge or crane
  • Easy for a single diver to use
  • Especially suited for remote locations
  • Deployable from small craft


  • Urethane-coated nylon—high-strength and heavy-duty
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to most petro-chemicals
  • UV-resistant
  • Low maintenance requirements and easy to clean
  • RF welded seams

Lift Straps Designed for Safety

  • 6000lb. –load rated high strength resin-treated nylon webbing
  • Sewn directly to the bottom of the bag
  • Safe working ratio of 6:1

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Reef Pin SystemReef Pin Bridle System:

Individual reef pins offer far superior holding, compared to the typical dead weight anchor. To multiply this holding power, joining 3 pins with our wire rope & chain mooring bridle can accommodate some of the larger vessels that visit your dive sites.

  • All hardware is hot-dipped galvanized & sized to your requests.
  • The hard shell trawl buoys suspend the tackle up off the reef.
  • Both systems can be designed to be anti-theft.

What We Offer

  • Complete mooring installations
  • Helix & reef pin anchors
  • Custom installation equipment
  • Complete line of mooring tackle
  • Installation training
  • Mooring field consulting services
  • Packaging & shipping

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Hydraulic Hose:Hydraulic Hose

  • 3000 psi working pressure
  • abrasion resistant hose offers you a world of protection.
  • SAE fittings

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