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Silt Curtains:

Booms and BarriersAny time you are performing construction in or around a water body, the chance of pollution and/or suspended solids is high. In order to help limit the spread of these solids, turbidity curtains are placed around work areas, job sites, and dredging locations. This is important because increased sediment, or disruption of sediment in water blocks sunlight for plants and harms aquatic life. Once turbidity barriers are implemented, solids are given increased time to naturally settle back down to the bottom of the water. This improves settling times for solids and helps protect natural resources from pollution. We offer Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and custom models of Triton Silt Curtains to fit your jobsite and specific applications. We also have other types and styles that may suit your needs. Give us a call and we can help you find the best fit for your needs.

Type 1:

Each Triton Type 1 silt barrier is specifically designed for use in calm water areas such as swales, ditches, canals, small ponds, lakes and harbors. Made in the USA and available in both short term and long term models, these silt barriers surround projects to increase settling times and prevent spreading of materials. Available type 1 silt curtain models include economy, contractor, and DOT.

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Type 2:

Triton Type II Silt Barriers, as seen in Erosion Control Magazine, are floating turbidity barriers designed specifically for areas with moving water, currents, waves or tides. Manufactured in the USA with high quality reliable components, Triton type 2 silt curtains contain turbidity and displaced particles in a designated area. Triton Type 2 turbidity barriers are recommended for use in water locations with waves up to two feet (2'), moderate wind, and currents up to 1 knot.


  • Dredging Projects
  • Pile Driving
  • Shoreline Construction
  • Boat Ramp Creation
  • DOT Roadwork and Construction Projects
  • Dock Repair, Demolition and Maintenance
  • Rip Rap Installation
  • Remediation Projects

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Type 3:

Triton Type 3 Silt Curtains are the strongest available floating barrier for silt and turbidity control. Designed for fast water, waves or demanding conditions, these type 3 turbidity curtains add increased strength to any containment or control area. Type 3 turbidity barriers are recommended for use in areas with flows up to 1.5 knots. All Triton type 3 silt barriers are made in the USA.


  • Inter-Coastal Projects
  • Dredging Sites
  • Remediation Projects
  • Long Term Projects
  • Fast Moving Water
  • Projects in Bays and Harbors
  • Areas Severely Affected by Wind or Waves

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